Hey, I'm Derek.

I'm a fitness & lifestyle coach from Kitchener, Ontario with a passion for everything health, fitness and nutrition!

I specialize in helping busy entrepreneurs, insurance professionals, real estate agents and parents find a healthy balance between family, career and fitness goals!

If you're completely new to fitness, if you've tried and failed or if you're just looking to have someone show you how to make fitness fun, functional and beneficial to your day-to-day life I'll show you how to get there in the time you have available!

To get started learning EVERYTHING you need to know to be confident, energetic and injury-free in the gym and in day-to-day life, click the button below and get started!

I'd like to teach you how to make staying in shape simple!


The minimal effective dose. I will show you the simplest, most straightforward path to success. No more frustration, no more confusion, no more overwhelm.

Find your balance. I want you to maintain your results even when other life priorities take over. Never miss out on another family dinner or social occasion. 

Sustainable, lasting results. Break the cycle of endless 30-day fixes, crash diets and rebound weight gain. 

...I'll Teach You How.


We'll teach you how to make fitness simple, sustainable and fun!


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