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Leg Day with Ray!

Still getting used to this whole VLOG thing... Derek designed this workout specifically in a way to make my glutes sore. It. Was. Killer.

From Derek:

The split Rach is doing right now is designed specifically for glute and lower body growth and has Rach doing 3-4 workouts per week targeting the glutes and lower body and 2 workouts for upper body. The workout split is based mainly off of information I've gathered from Bret Contreras' blog (here) as well as a few podcasts he's been on. If you're looking for glute growth, Bret Contreras is the man to follow!  
This specific workout was designed with the intention of causing DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) and triggering muscle growth. I specifically picked the exercises that would cause soreness for this workout because Rach has time to recover before her other lower body workouts on Wednesday and Thursday. For those workouts I stuck with exercises (and intensity) that would minimize soreness in order to allow full recovery before her next lower body workout.

Here is what I did for my workout: 

A1. Front Squats
B1. Box Squats
C1. Hip Thrusts with 10 second ISO hold in full contraction
D1. Romanian Deadlifts
D2. Walking lunges

The sets varied from 2-5 for about 8-12 reps each.
The song in the video is 'Avalanche' by The Ghost Inside.

I will be continuing to film my workouts as requested by you guys! A new video will be posted every Monday. Let me know below what you want to see more of! :)

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to e-mail me at

- Ray