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The Warhouse Gym, Shoulders and NO SLEEP!

Derek and I attended the July 18 Warhouse Gym Camp!

We decided to drive there, camp out overnight and then drive back home later. HOWEVER, we LAST MINUTE decided against the camping part. SO, we ended up driving straight through the night...ha ha!

When we arrived, we lined up and got checked-in. To start off the camp, they gave each of us a OGIO 1st Phorm bag with a full tub of protein powder, and a full sack full of lots of samples for pre-workout, post-workout and supplements/quest nutrition chips/bars! I was definitely impressed right off the bat! 

So once we were settled in, we sat down and listened to Rob & Dana talk about themselves.(Their lives before they met, how they met, the ups & downs of their business, competing, etc!).

During the open train, Derek and I hit up shoulders and chest for our muscle group of choice! Since I am still under the restriction of lifting no more than 10lbs with my left arm (broken 10 weeks ago), I did a lot of light weighted high rep burnouts. All-in-all, it was a great workout, such a great time - very entertaining and it felt like I had known them in person for a while!

We ended up driving back home that same night - all through the night once again. So all-in-all we started out driving Friday night at 12am, arrived at the camp for 9am and enjoyed the day...THEN drove back home at 8pm and made it into bed at home by 5am...

It was worth sacrificing sleep for, but it also reiterated how important sleep is :P (We definitely made up for it with a bunch of naps and extra sleep this week!)

Thanks for watching/reading!

- Rachel

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