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6 (+3) Critical Habits for Sustainable Fat Loss

A great post by Eric Bach plus our own input...

As you know here at Live For Today Fitness our mission is to make sustainable fat loss easier for you. Yesterday I came across a great article that does just that, so I had to share it with you.

Eric Bach is definitely one of the up and comers in the fitness industry. This week he put together a great post on called 6 Habits of Successful Long-Term Dieters

The 6 tips that Eric covers in this post are tips that we have recommended ourselves many times to our clients. Every single one will go a long way to helping you reach you goals if you follow them consistently.

As Eric says in his post:

Long-term dieting is about making change manageable and part of your life. Choose wisely, stay disciplined, and reap the rewards of your labor.

The #1 key above anything else when it comes to long-term fat loss success will always be that you find something that you can keep up for the rest of your life. That's why we're so focused on teaching you how to create sustainable systems

If you can't sustain it long term, it doesn't matter how good the strategy is. It won't bring lasting results.

On top of Eric's 6 strategies, reducing stress, fixing your mindset and practicing gratitude will also go a LONG way towards improving the ease with which you can stick to your nutrition plan. The blog posts below cover strategies for improving each of these areas below:

Stress Everywhere!! 12 Simple Strategies to Reduce Stress, Slow Down and Enjoy Life More

Master Your Mindset: 4 Mental Shifts That are Critical to Long Term Fat Loss Success

Gratitude: The One Tool You Need To Resist Anything Without Feeling Deprived

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- Derek