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My 'go-to' CRAVING buster & CHURCH-PEW ROWS!

Well, this past weekend was quite a blur!

After getting 13ish hours of sleep right after my baseball tournament on Saturday, we tried to make a productive Sunday - it actually turned out to be more productive than I thought!

I found myself at Battlegrounds gym sweating out another back workout...even used the CHURCH PEW as my support for bent-over dumbbell rows - how ironic!

The song to the workout video is called "Simply Grace" by Mouth Of The South. I encourage you to listen to the words - go google the song for the full version! It is so good and I just felt like inserting it into our workout video from Sunday...again, how ironic πŸ˜‹.

Aside from the back workout in this video, I explain my favourite go-to for when I am feeling bored, stressed or even tired. Usually when I feel any of those three, I am in a "craving mood" and I find it hard to find food that satisfies. The carbonation/bubbles from Zevia and/or the sparkling water keeps me full and for some reason satisfies my cravings (well, 80% of the time I'd say😝).

If you're wondering what the 'Be Your Own Coach' is all about, check out our page. We are currently more than halfway through with our current enrolled clients and are planning on re-opening the next course late September!

Thanks again for watching, subscribing and liking my YouTube videos! It means a lot. This helps us out with our mission to spread the word and get others inspired to live the balanced life of good health and fitness!

πŸ’ͺ Rachel