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Horrible Dream + Leg Workout | BEST DAY EVER - Part 1

What an awful dream.
I could feel the pit of my stomach start to become uneasy.


Lately I have been feeling like all of my efforts are going to waste. When I say efforts, I don't just mean in terms of my #42DayShred...rather the massive amount of background work involved with running Live For Today Fitness.  It's not easy and it never will be, but sometimes you just have to push through and reap the rewards when it is due.

So, with feeling OFF from my horrible dream, being LATE for church (after getting up SUUUUPER early to combat this horrible repetitive outcome) and then deciding against going because of that, having a NOT-SO-GOOD workout (I just wasn't feeling it and mentally I wasn't doing my best)...I endured the disappointment and feelings of despair momentarily....

AND THEN.....I was given the opportunity to REDEEM MYSELF...!

To be continued...