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My Birthday & Road Trip To The Cottage!

Video #1 of my 3 part mini-series from our time away up North at the cottage!

We ended up working hard for most of my birthday - having difficulties with internet speed, random tasks come up that we couldn't put off for another week, and deciding to get important content done that day rather than take away from our family time at the cottage!

We celebrated my birthday for reals on the day after my real birthday, (ha ha...July 29 is now my new day of birth FYI mom & dad!), enjoyed some good company & food, got in a few good workouts all while staying on target for my "42-day shred" !

Because I covered a lot of footage over my time up north, I decided to divide it into a few different vlogs so I don't overwhelm you too much :P

So stay tuned for the rest!