Exercise Form Library

listing of reliable coaching videos for form for various exercises

Below are a few of our favourite mobility drills from the best resources we've found for movement patterns. Pretty much anything by Kelly Starrett, Eric Cressey, Dean Somerset or Tony Gentilcore is going to be awesome. There a many more videos out there by the four of them, but here are a few of our favourites that we use regularly for ourselves and with clients.

Over time we'll continue to add more videos, but we'll try to keep them to our favourite drills to avoid creating overwhelm with too many options. Some are videos alone and others include a blog post write up and even a Zoolander clip here and there!:

Hips (Squat, Deadlift, etc.)

general mobility

Kelly Starrett Hip Opener
Pat Flynn Prying Squat Stretch - the option is to do this without the kettlebell
Dean Somerset Hip Mobility Montage
Dean Somerset Stabilization for Hip Mobility
Dean Somerset Zoolander Breakdance Fighting Hip Mobility - Everyone knows how much I love Zoolander, so I absolutely could not leave this out of our list!

squat movement pattern

Tony Gentilcore Kneeling Rock Back
Tony Gentilcore Rocking Sumo Squat Stretch
Ryan DeBell Hip Assessment for Squat Stance Width


Tony Gentilcore Dowel Rod Hip Hinge
Tony Gentilcore 5 Coaching Cues: Deadlift
Tony Gentilcore 19 Tips For the Deadlift

Knees (squat, Deadlift, etc.)


Kelly Starrett on Loud Creaky Knees

squat movement pattern

Kelly Starrett on Knee Pain While Squatting

Ankle (Squat, Deadlift, etc.)


Mike Westerdal Ankle Mobility & T-Spine Extension

Shoulders (Press, Row, Etc.)

Eric Cressey Scapular Wall Slides
Eric Cressey External and Internal Rotation
Eric Cressey Yoga Push-ups
Antranik Scapular Shrugs


Christian Thibaudeau Front Squat with Lifting Straps

LFT Fitness Mobility Circuits

Perform each exercise for 30-60 seconds or until you feel the joint open up. If you are doing this before your workout, do not hold the stretch for a prolonged period. You should feel a stretch and a loosening of the target joints, but you should not feel pain. (Instructional videos coming soon!)

1. Lunge Circuit - Hip Opener; Standard Lunge; T-Spine Rotation & Arm Circles; Lunge Ankle Mobilization
2. Kneeling Circuit - Cat and Cow; Kneeling Rock-Back; Yoga Push-ups; Bird Dogs; Scap Push-ups
3. Lying Circuit - Supine Spinal Rotation; Prone Spinal Rotation; Happy Baby; Cuban Rotations; Bridge Holds
4. Doorway Circuit - T-Spine Arch; Lat Stretch; Prying Doorknob Squat; Doorway Chest Stretch; Doorway Back Stretch; Standing Calf Stretch

These mobility circuits and all information on our site is for information purposes only. For specific instruction, please contact us to set up in person training or find a trainer in your area.

I Want More!

For more great mobility videos, just google Dean Somerset, Eric Cressey, Tony Gentilcore or Kelly Starrett with 'Hip Mobility', 'Squat Mobility', etc. and you'll find a huge variety of videos!

Enjoy and happy mobilizing!  

- Derek & Rachel