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How To Make My Low-carb Wrap & Legs Volume Day (+ bonus interlude dance :P )

Didn't you know that in-between-set dancing increases your gains by 98%?? :P 

Preferentially, what allows me to adhere easily to my nutrition plan (especially when in a caloric deficit if the goal is fat-loss), is delaying my breakfast until closer to lunch (Intermittent Fasting). Along with eating lighter in the first part of the day, I usually save my carbs until early evening (mostly post-workout).
Some mornings I am more hungry than others, so I'll eat earlier - I don't follow a strict "timing rule" with my Intermittent fasting. I just go with how I feel and use it as a tool to get to my goals!

Workout song: Plan My Attack - Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard
Dance Interlude: Run This (Vicious Conspiracy Remix) - Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard

- Rachel