Hosted at The Wreckroom on Tuesdays at 7:30pm!

Boost metabolism, increase energy and maintain strength and mobility as you age!

Don't let the intimidating atmosphere of most gyms or fear of injury prevent you from from taking advantage of the benefits of exercise! Get personalized instruction and modifications on exercise to suit your unique needs.

This class includes beginner and advanced variations for all exercises, so feel free to bring friends and family members to workout at the same time at different levels! The only rule is that they must be over 40!

Meet an awesome group of people and make working out fun! We'll use bodyweight and weight training and a mix of supersets and circuit styled exercise combos to accelerate your weight loss efforts and maximize your fitness level.

We'll push you to work hard, but we won't be in your face yelling at you the entire time.  We believe that fitness is a journey, not a race, so making sure that you enjoy it is one of our top priorities in bringing you longterm success! We may even join in and do the workout with you!

With classic rock and other upbeat music that is sure to energize you and at less than 1/4 the price of 1-on-1 personal training, our class is the perfect fit for anyone looking for that extra motivation, instruction and accountability to get in shape!

Benefits of Core Strong Group Personal Training Classes:

  • Boost metabolism & lose weight
  • Reduce the risk of age related muscle loss and osteoporosis
  • Reduce risk of age related diseases associated with lack of exercise
  • Improve mood & increase energy
  • Reduce stress & improve sleep quality
  • Exercises are low impact and targeted at the 40's & 50's age demographic
  • Increase day-to-day strength and mobility so you can keep up with your kids and grandkids
  • Get coaching on proper form to avoid injuries
  • Have accountability from trainers and other members of the group! (So you actually stick with your program)


If you're new to fitness, book a FREE pre-class form consultation and get coaching on proper form and technique!

Weekly Auto-Pay Membership (Recommended)

***Minimum 2 Month Commitment***

Get the convenience and predictability of weekly billing and the security of PayPal payment processing for the cost of a coffee per day!! No more large monthly bills!

  • 1 class per week - $11.99/week + tax (less than $2/day) - Save over 10% - Eligible for perks
  • 2 classes per week - $19.99/week + tax (less than $3/day) - Save over 20% - Eligible for perks
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Individual & Bulk Class Passes

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1 Class Pass (Bring a Friend Rate) - $10.00 (tax incl.)
1 Class Pass - $15 (tax incl.)
10 Class Pass - $119.99 + tax ($12/class) - Eligible for perks
20 Class Pass - $199.99 + tax ($10/class) - Eligible for perks

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Tuesdays at 7:30PM (Additional times available in our general class here)

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The Wreckroom - 41 Ardelt Place, Kitchener, ON


See you soon!

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