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Grocery Haul and 42 day SHRED DOWN!

After breaking my wrist mid-May and getting my wisdom teeth removed the end of May...I'm BACK!

Went on a surprise grocery trip and ended up scoring a few weeks worth of produce! 
You get a snippet in the beginning of my post surgery for wisdom teeth removal...ha ha!

I am doing a 42 day shred down...(picked the date of July 18 which is the date we are heading to the Warhouse Gym camp...I wanted a specific date to work for)

So stay tuned for my "42-Day Shred Down" I get ready in 6 weeks with a casted left arm :D

Intro song: Wrecking Ball (Metal Cover) - Andrew Baena
Workout song #1: Glimmer Of Hope - Misery Signals
Workout song #2: Turn down For What (Metal Cover) - Andrew Baena

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